Don't sew
or have time to sew?

Be sure to stop by often
and see whats up for sale...
we are always making something new!

Currently up for adoption....... and selling quick!!!
(Thank you all for your support!)

I have many more to post here.. Just a little behind in doing so..
so,  let's see... gosh maybe i should list them while you wait, just email me if you have a favorite!!! 
and some continue to sell as I list them here so you may see their names drop off the list.

I have ( one of each only):  and Granny Finch
lady heather and sir henry, Ophelia and Libbey,
and from our raggedies: Lucy, and hmmm, gosh and I know there's more...
I will have to hunt down my list.... and get busy posting.......(smile)........stay tuned!!

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